I now accept credit cards in my Taxi. I have been using the Spectropay mobile credit card solution for over 1 month. Customers were asking me on a regular basis if I took credit cards. Unfortunately, I had to say no. I had my reasons for saying no, but hesitated to go into the pros and cons. I was concerned about setup fees and operating costs. Chris Dill, Managing Director of Spectropay, met with me and gave a demonstration on the ease, convenience and cost effectiveness of the Spectropay credit card solution. Although impressed, I was still hesitant. Meanwhile, more and more customers were asking if I took credit cards. I decided to stop making excuses for a growing and demanding market and signed up. I have no regrets. I am happy and pleased to be accepting credit cards as a convenience for my Taxi customers.

Arthur Wade Bermuda TAXI owner


Our sales reps have been using Spectropay over the last few months and it has made it more convenient for them to accept card payments both in the office and in the field. While at their desks, they can use the Virtual Terminal (included as part of the Spectropay service) to process payments on their computer terminals by typing in the relevant card and client details. While in the field, the sales reps can accept payments on their IPads by using the inventory feature on the mobile app and then swiping the customers’ card through the compact card reader.  Overall, we are very pleased with their service.

Katy Wright 

Administrative Manager

Bermuda Yellow Pages Ltd.®


Since adopting the Spectropay credit card solution I have had nothing but complements from my clients, many of whom prefer not to carry a lot of cash on hand. Having the ability to transport a client from point A to point B without ever needing to stop at an ATM has made my taxi service far more efficient. Spectropay provides great support and is dedicated to ensuring you are up and running quickly and smoothly. I would recommend their service to anyone.

Calvelette Sonnenfeld

C&C Cab Services


I encountered Mr. Chris Dill and SpectroPay while researching Mobile Point Of Sales (mPOS) providers for my start-up business. I was thrilled to discover that there was an alternative solution outside of the standard banking practices. Working in retail and being a consumer, frustrating comments have all reached our ears from sales clerks about the issues with their standard POS and mPOS systems.

Mr. Dill is professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his product and providing quality mobile credit card services and solutions to retailers of Bermuda. I was very impressed with the SpectroPay system, all the useful applications provided and that the fees were less than what the banks were offering. Mr. Dill went above and beyond to not only get my business set up with SpectroPay but also with liaising with my bank. The SpectroPay system is extremely easy to set-up on my tablet, very user-friendly and my clients are delighted to receive their receipts by email within seconds!

I would highly recommend SpectroPay for their system, equipment and high level of professional service to any Bermuda business that needs a mobile credit card sales solution!

Congratulations Mr. Dill on another very satisfied customer in Cloud9ineBda!

Laura Martin-Stout

Cloud9ine Bermuda


When we launched our vacation rental business two years, we were not setup to receive credit card payments and we believed this impacted our business.  Recently, we installed Spectropay, which is offered by Christopher Dill and we can honestly say it has dramatically increased our sales. The true beauty of the product is that you are able to conduct real-time transactions—as well as issue receipts electronically after each sale.  It’s great!  We are now able to offer overseas guests ‘peace of mind’ when conducting electronic payments.  It has truly transformed how we conduct business—and the proof is in our bottom line!    

Craig & Melody Smith

Owners of Lemarc Vacation Rentals