Take card payments face to face anywhere, anytime. Once the transaction is approved, the money settles in your bank account within 2 business days.

There is offline processing capability to protect against lost wireless connectivity.

Reduce your paperwork and take an eco-friendly approach to your business with instant issue receipts via email.

You can also customize receipts with your business logo, personalize your message and include a map of where the payment took place to better assist your customers in identifying the transaction

The merchant portal enables users to easily manage their business from one centralized location. This easy-to-use portal provides merchants with the ability to board sub-merchants, customize receipts, issue refunds, export and analyze transaction data, and more.  The portal gives merchants the flexibility, visibility, and control they need to successfully run their day-to-day business.


Transactions are secured through an encrypted mobile card reader which provides end‐to‐end protection of cardholder data.  Data is encrypted upon swipe to ensure reader integrity and passes through Roam’s secure gateway. The gateway is PCI (Payment Card Industry) certified, meeting required security standards including EMV Level 1 & 2.

In addition to the card reader, there are application‐based security features such as user authentication and automatic time out

The app offers merchants a complete inventory control solution that allows them to add new products conveniently.  Inventory items include images, descriptions, dimensions, units of measure, barcode support, and pricing.  A list of the items appears in the transaction details on receipts and reports.
In the current version of the app, items are entered by the user and stored locally on the device. In a future version of the app, cloud-based inventory will be supported with items created on the ROAM portal and stored in the cloud for easy access by all users.


Both the card reader and app are compatible across numerous devices. There is support for Android and iOS based smartphones and tablets as well as select models of Blackberry.  Over 3 million devices have been sold worldwide.